22 Million Square Foot “Global City” Designed by MEPG

The MEPG team is honored to partner with the largest developer of branded residences, Masterise Homes, to create a “new downtown” of Ho Chi Minh City. Our team has been granted the opportunity to work alongside the world renowned architects, Foster + Partners, to create a modern and vibrant global urban area to act as a second city-center in the largest business and financial hub in Vietnam.
This landmark development will implement the highest quality MEP systems across each phase, adapting to the unique requirements of each building. The approximate gross floor area of these sections include:

Mega Mall Commercial Complex
1,300,000 sq. ft.
9 zones, 25 towers up to 30 floors, 8,040 residential units
12,000,000 sq. ft.
Low rise: 1,850 residential units
7,000,000 sq. ft.
Social Housing: 2,148 residential units
1,800,000 sq. ft.


22,000,000 sq. ft.
This mega-development, along with the challenge it brings, presents the opportunity for the MEPG team to display our capabilities in complex situations and provide efficient MEP systems on a grand scale. We look forward to bringing this once dream to life alongside the great Masterise Homes and Foster+ Partners.